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PETEX supports teaching and research activities


At the beginning of October 2018 our Department and Petroleum Experts Limited (www.petex.com) signed an important Educational Agreement.
Petroleum Experts Limited will support research and teaching activities of the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department providing us 10 licenses for their Move Suite (www.petex.com/products/move-suite/)
Move Suite is a powerful structural modelling and analysis toolkit providing digital environments to carry out structural modelling to reduce risk and uncertainty in geological models.

The Move suite is composed of a Core Application for data interpretation and 3D model building and 7 modules for more specific processes: 2D kinematic modelling - 3D kinematic modelling - Geomechanical Modelling - Fracture Modelling - Stress Analysis - Fault Analysis - Fault response Modelling.
Move Suite is a well known and widespread tool in more than 420 oil and gas industries worldwide.
Providing 10 licenses, Petex is donating the equivalent of more than 1.300.000 pounds to support our teaching and research activities.
This is a great opportunity for both faculty staff and students.
The software will be installed on the computers of the PC lab (Centro di Calcolo, Piano E) so that MS.C students, Ph.D students and teaching activities can take advantage of it.